Quick Overview

Serial RS232 data over the GSM celluar network

No need to invest in a wired network

Data rates up to 58 kbps

Product Description

The ROUTE-GPRS enables the communication of serial data over the GSM cellular telephone network, allowing you to monitor and control remote equipment without investing in a wired network. If data security is a concern, the ROUTE-GPRS 128 bit encryption option will ensure data integrity over the network.

The ROUTE-GPRS establishes a PPP connection with the host system and enables full duplex communication with the designated serial device. To establish the PPP connection, the modem uses GPRS (General Packet Radio Services), a cellular (GSM) packet based protocol for communications.

Communication can commence at the ROUTE-GPRS end, when the serial device issues ATD commands. Communication can also be initiated remotely by sending a SMS (Short Message Service) to the Route GPRS via any cellular phone or web browser.

This allows you to control and monitor remote equipment with only a cellular or internet connection. The Route-GPRS is easy to set-up, as the modem automatically senses the baud rate of the attached serial device.

There are two versions of the modem: a stand-alone version (Route-GPRS) and a rack version (Route-GPRS-R). If the encryption option is used, the Route-GPRS must be is used in combination with an encryption enabled Route-3 or Route-10 at the far end of the link.

Product Downloads

Route-GPRS Brochure (PDF)

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