Quick Overview

Extends a two wire telephone line using optical fibers.

The OPTEL3–SL connects to the telephone, and supplies battery and ringing voltages.

The OPTEL3–CO connects to the CO/PBX end.

Product Description

The OPTEL3 extends a two wire telephone line using optical fibers. The OPTEL3-SL connects to a plain old telephone, and the OPTEL3-CO connects to a CO or PBX at the other end of the link.

It is available with either a 1×9 or SFP optical transceiver. The optical fiber pair which connects the two may be multimode or singlemode depending on the selected transceiver. In addition, it has an RS232 data port.

A dedicated voice link (order-wire) can be created by having an-SL at both ends of the link. Lifting the handset at one end causes the other end to ring.

Another version, the OPTEL3-ASL, is an analog two wire modem which transmits and receives analog signals in the 200 to 3400 Hz range. It can be used as a clear channel for PSK, FSK, DTMF, or other signals.

Fiber optic transmission offers information security, electrical isolation, lightning protection, and EMI/RFI immunity. Since the voice is digitally encoded, the quality does not degrade with distance.

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