Quick Overview

OM200 multiplexer Interface
Ethernet and Serial data over the same fiber link
4 channel Ethernet 10/100Base

Product Description

The Ethernet Interface is a four port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet switch which connects through the OM200 network to other Ethernet interfaces.

Channel Bandwidth: The channel bandwidth can be as low as 0.5Mbps and as high as 100Mbps depending on how much of the SONET bandwidth the user is willing to allocate to a card. The specifications show the percent of total SONET bandwidth which is used for each data rate.

Channel Sharing: Many Ethernet Interface cards in different nodes can share the same SONET- bandwidth; in this case, an Ethernet port will communicate with any Ethernet port in any of the other nodes. The Network Management Port is used to set up this party-line connection. All cards must be set to the same bandwidth. Note that two or more Ethernet cards in the same node cannot share the same channel.

VLAN: In a point to point configuration (only two cards share the channel), the network management software can establish a VLAN between ports in each card; i.e. Port 1 data will only exit on the remote card’s port 1; ports 2, 3, 4 are similarly isolated. The VLAN tags are added at the ingress port and stripped at the egress port. All four ports share the same channel bandwidth; this allows higher data throughput when any of the ports are idle. The VLAN must be set up before the card-to-card connection is established.

Port Dependent Options: Each port can be independently set to Auto Negotiate speed, and full/half duplex; its speed/duplex can also be forced. As well MDI/MDI-X crossover can automatic or manually set.

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OM200-Ethernet Brochure (PDF)

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