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Quick Overview

16 Optical SFP 100BASE-FX
2 Optical SFP 100/1000BASE-X
2 Optical SFP 1000BASE-X
3 Electrical 10/100/1000BASE-T
Optical receive power meters
Ideal for IP camera consolidation

Product Description

The OM124 has the following Ethernet ports:

  • 16 100BASE-FX optical ports
  • 2 100BASE-FX or 1000BASE-X selectable optical ports
  • 2 1000BASE-X optical ports
  • 3 10/100/1000BASE-T electrical ports.

A typical application would be as a collector node for 100BASE cameras with a 1000BASE Optical upstream and downstream fiber to other collector nodes. Out of band switch management is available using a USB connection. SFP optics allows the selection of various multimode, singlemode, or bi-directional optics.

Product Downloads

OM124 Brochure (PDF)

Product Manuals

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