Quick Overview

The EM2-VR combines a voice channel with an RS-232 data channel, and transmits them over a synchronous electrical E0 or DS0 (64 kbps) V.35 interface.

RS232 data rates from DC to 19.2 kbps

Voice is compressed to 32 kbps

Product Description

The EM2-VR combines a bi-directional 2-wire or 4-wire voice signal with a full duplex RS232 data channel, and transmits it over a 64 kbps synchronous E0 or DS0 channel with a V.35 interface.

At the remote end which may be another EM2-VR or an EM200-VR, these combined data/voice signals are separated, and output on their respective connectors. Note that when using a DS0 channel in a T1 carrier, there must be no “robbed bits”.

The voice channel supports E&M signaling and a high quality voice which is compressed to 40 kbps.

The RS232 channel is data format and speed transparent to rates of 19.2, 9.6, 4.8, 2.4, and1.2 Kbps and less.

Product Downloads

EM2VR Brochure (PDF)

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