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Customer Testimonials

City of Lethbridge

“We are very appreciative of your service. This reinforces the confidence we had and have in using your products/services. You need to offer classes on customer service, integrity and diligence to other vendors.”


“All has been working excellent! Thanks again for all the great support and a product that has proved to be one of my best success stories for the radar system rework.”

Shamis Technologies

“We’re very happy with the multiplexers that you supplied. The nature of the customer’s installation means that we won’t hear general feedback unless things go wrong – we’ve not received any complaints so assume that there have not been any problems. We found the equipment straight forward to set up using the supplied documentation.”


“Optilan operates internationally throughout the oil and gas industry – offshore, onshore and on pipelines and wellheads. We are often asked to address unique communications issues, and for this, we rely on a select group of manufacturers who are prepared to work in partnership with us. With Luxcom, we can count on receiving top-notch support and a very reliable product.”

“Luxcom products, specifically designed for industrial applications, are particularly suited to pipeline and wellhead control systems, offering an efficient, reliable, and high-quality solution for the transmission of comparatively low levels of data over a large number of sites. We chose Luxcom equipment for our extensive Optilan pipeline/wellhead communications systems in Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt.”


“As an on-site tech for the Department of National Defence at C.F.B. Trenton, one of my functions is to install & maintain T1 facilities between the main communication building and many remote buildings in order to tie together their LAN network, voice facilities and third party data communications.”

“The customer has installed their own fibre network, but it is my job to provide a demarcation device at each end. After trying various types of units, I found that the Luxcom OM-15B fiber Optic modem was best suited for this type of environment.”

“The OM-15B provides error free transmission, remote testing capabilities and is maintenance free. There are 26 OM-15Bs on premises, and we have not had one failure over the course of 2 years!”

“Although we have not required any technical support, I find that any questions regarding Luxcom products are easily answered simply by calling their main telephone number (no voice mail or electronic prompts – a real person answers!!) I will continue to use Luxcom products in the future, and I would recommend their products to any customer looking for networking solutions.”


“Our Luxcom equipment has served us remarkably well, even though it is subjected to some of the most unfavourable environmental conditions imaginable. At ROPOS, we are using the Luxcom OM-12 to transmit scientific data collected from the ocean floor to the ocean research vessel above, over 5000 meters of fiber optic cable.”

“At the surface, the OM-12 is in an enclosure, bolted to the flange of a large winch on the deck of the vessel. Aside from the shock and vibration associated with the winch drum rotation, the temperature and humidity in the enclosure are uncontrolled and subject to wide variation. At the remote (wet) end, the corresponding unit is in a titanium housing attached to a garage-like cage used to transport the vehicle to it’s working depth. Safe in this housing, our OM-12s have been down to depths beyond 2200 meters and have seen service in three oceans. Not your average office.”

“We found the staff at Luxcom to be extremely accessible and technically competent when helping us to design a system meeting our specific requirements. And, most importantly, we have never had a failure attributable to Luxcom’s products.”

The Luxcom family is proudly vaccinated for your safety.